To Mask or Not To Mask That is the Question

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Such a “hot” topic. People are either adamantly opposed to or in favor of the use of the mask. Polar opposites, no lukewarm opinions on this. Everyone must answer this question for themselves, but let me give you some thoughts to ponder.

We are told by Jesus in Matthew 22:39 to “love our neighbor as ourselves.” This is a commandment not a suggestion. It is such an important commandment that it take second place only to loving God with all our hearts, souls and minds. Verse 40 give us the context of importance when Jesus says “On these two commandments hang all the law and the prophets.” Did you catch that? ALL!!

These are wonderful guideposts for anyone to follow in the way they live. However, for Christians it is mandatory; there is no wiggle room here. So how do we show our love to our neighbor? Especially in this time of pandemic, what are we doing to show our love for others? I have spent a lot of time in prayer lately to find out exactly what Christ wants me to be doing to reach out to others. This blog is just one outlet, I am also following another course of action that I believe God has called me to. I’ll talk about that at a later time. It’s one of those, “okay God, tell me”….and he does….and the answer is not what I expected. But it is absolutely possible.

I guess my point is, we need to be doing things to take care of each other. And by each other I mean all of God’s children. Whether they follow our belief system or not, God still loves them. I have a friend who lives in a retirement community. She goes around leaving little “love” notes for many of those who live with her there. It is particularly difficult for these older people to be living in retirement communities and not able to interact with their friends and family. I also know many of you are involved in charities or church activities that help to support those in need. But what are we doing for those we see as we shop, eat, walk, exercise or any other way you may run into people.

Christ gave us the ultimate example when he washed the feet of the disciples, to teach them to care for one another. Then he went to the cross to die for all of us. His love was so great he took all our sins on his shoulders. So should we be out washing feet? This would be rather difficult for us to do, especially with the social distancing strictures in place.

There is one extremely easy thing you can do. I know some of you think its unimportant to wear a mask for whatever reason. However, wearing a mask is not about YOU! Uh oh, now I’ve probably upset you. But you need to know this. It is not about you but about those around you. I have several underlying health issues that practically ensure a 0% survival rate for me if I get the Coronavirus, or one of many other flu, viruses, or bacterial diseases. So, I cannot be around people who are not wearing masks.

Please for my sake and the sake of others whose health is compromised, wear your mask. If you sneeze, cough, wheeze, have a runny nose or otherwise spew bodily fluids you are possibly infecting others. Did you know you can be without any visible symptoms for up to two weeks and still be contagious with the virus? Just because you feel fine and don’t think you have it, doesn’t mean you don’t!!

If you truly love your neighbor, why are you not wearing your mask? Is your neighbor less important that your right to not wear one? I know they are a pain. Its hard to breathe through them, it can be uncomfortable, but what is that compared to protecting those around you. Just think how awful you will feel if next week you find you have been infected and, not wearing your mask, you have inadvertently subjected an unknown number of people to the virus also. When do the rights conferred upon us by “government” take precedence over the commands of our GOD?

You see taking care of others can be just as simple as wearing your mask when you are out in public. You don’t have to lay down your life, or wash feet, or feed multitudes, you just have to love your neighbor. So please, please show your love today and every day until this pandemic is over.

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