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Habitual Learning

The human brain is an amazing thing. I learned a new word today. I think I may have heard it before, but I now know what it means. The word is neuroplasticity. Isn’t that a fantastic word? It just sort of rolls around in your mouth when you say it. New-Row-Plaa-Stis-City. That’s the closest IContinue reading “Habitual Learning”

And So It Begins

Waiting. It is not something I do well. I am still, and always have been, rather much of a Type A personality. I need to be busy, to be productive, to keep my mind stimulated.  I enjoy social activities and being around friends.  I don’t sit still well.   I will admit that I am doingContinue reading “And So It Begins”

I Pledge Allegiance to God

Governments come and governments go. We have been lucky here in the United States that ours has been in existence for more than 200 years. We think that’s a very long time, but in reality it is just transitory. Before becoming a Republic, we were part of England and ruled over by a King George.Continue reading “I Pledge Allegiance to God”

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