Why are there no Easter Carols?

Its Easter.  In my opinion, Easter is the single most important event in Christianity.   It is the resurrection of Christ that distinguishes Christianity from all other religions in the world.  Christianity is the only religion whose savior died and rose again.  So why aren’t we all decorating our houses and businesses and singing Easter carolsContinue reading “Why are there no Easter Carols?”

Blood, Sweat and Tears

Blood, Sweat and Tears was a large rock and roll group that was popular from 1967 to 1981.  They disappeared from the music scene, for about 3 years and then started up again in 1984.  They had a distinctive style of music that was a fusion or rock, blues and pop music.  The band featuredContinue reading “Blood, Sweat and Tears”

If God Loves Me Why Am I So Sad?

Some of us have lives that are as smooth as silk.  They flow from day to day with rarely a downturn to deal with.  Others, like me, have lives that are complex and confusing.  It often feels as if we have our own little dark cloud over us all the time. We are the onesContinue reading “If God Loves Me Why Am I So Sad?”

Trampolines, Kangaroos and Red Rubber Balls

What do you suppose these three things have in common? They all bounce! Do you remember jumping on a trampoline as a kid? I sure do. That feeling of almost flying as you bounced as high as you possibly could was amazing. When was the last time you felt that free, that unencumbered? Very fewContinue reading “Trampolines, Kangaroos and Red Rubber Balls”

Goody, Goody

There is a very old song (my parents generation so we’re talking a really long time ago), called Goody, Goody sung by several different artists including Ella Fitzgerald and Frank Sinatra. It a song about someone getting what they deserved. The refrain goes like this: “Hurray and Hallelujah, you had it coming to you. Goody,Continue reading “Goody, Goody”