Has God Hit the Pause Button?

Each morning while out walking my dogs, I spend time in prayer with God. It is part of my quiet time where I can focus on praising and worshiping my Lord and Savior. During these times, ideas sort of stream through my brain. This morning was no exception. The current pandemic facing our world was on my mind. As the thoughts poured into my brain, I felt led to share these thoughts with other believers. I have never done a blog before, but believe this may be an excellent way to share God’s love. These are simply thoughts inspired, I believe, by the Holy Spirit. I invite you to read my prayerful thoughts and comment if you choose. I am sharing with you my thoughts in a prayerful, reverent way in order to give all honor and glory to God.

Having said all that, the thoughts that were running through my brain this morning all revolved around the pandemic. I was praising God for the beauty that surrounds me. Even in the midst of all the fear and panic about this terrible virus, the beauty that God created in the beginning is still here, if we open our eyes to see. God never abandons us, he is with us always even in the worst of times. And this time certainly might qualify as one of those worst of times. I wondered, “Has God hit the pause button?” Should we be looking at this pandemic as an opportunity to stop, look at ourselves squarely in the mirror and ask, “Are my priorities in the right order?” Am I putting God on the back burner while I go about my daily life? Does my life reflect my beliefs?

What lengths might God go to in order to get our attention? Read the story of Moses leading the Israelites to the Red Sea for some insight on that question. Do I think that God sent this pandemic to get our attention, to make us stop and re-evaluate? I don’t honestly know. I often wonder why he hasn’t ‘pulled the plug’ on mankind, when I look around and see the selfishness and lack of love that so many people display. Why does he put up with us? The only explanation I have is that he loves us, so much that he sent his one and only son to die for our sins. He is trying to provide every opportunity for us to turn back to him. Regardless of whether he did or he didn’t send this pandemic, I know that he is here with us during our time of need. As Romans 8:28 says, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” No matter how bad the situation is, God can bring forth good from it. I know how hard that verse can be to accept when we are suffering, but I also know the truth of it from personal experience.

I hope these words have been thought-provoking, inspiring you to re-examine and re-evaluate your priorities, if needed. In everything we do, let us do it to the glory of God. Come back again and share your prayerful thoughts.

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